Rental homes

Affordable Rental Opportunities

If Homeownership is not right for you at this time, here are resources to help you find affordable rental opportunities in King County.

Seattle Office of Housing Rental Locator

This locator shows you affordable apartments within market-rate buildings in Seattle. For each home, it will provide information about AMI limits, school zones, and number of affordable units in the building.

Seattle Affordable Housing Providers

This list from the Seattle Office of Housing shows affordable housing providers in Seattle.

Affordable Senior Housing Buildings

This list by Seattle Office of Housing shows properties with affordable units for older adults (includes age-restricted units and units supported by senior housing program funding).

Affordable Housing Search Tool is a non-profit website formed to connect low income households with affordable apartment communities throughout Washington State. Listings are voluntarily advertised on the site by owners and managers of rental apartments for low-income households whose annual income is below 80% of area median income.

KCHA Housing Search

King County Housing Authority has you fill in your household information and then shows you affordable rental opportunities that fit your needs, in addition to telling you if you might be eligible for Section 8 vouchers.

Affordable Housing Search Tool allows you to search for affordable housing opportunities in the location of your choice.