Select home to purchase – View our currently available homes and select one you would like to purchase. Be sure to read through all the requirements for the home. Make sure that the pre-approval letter you have equals or is greater than the Habitat starting price.

Video tutorial – To access the application you ask that you watch a short video. We will than ask you to confirm you watched the video and agree to the selection terms and confirm you understand our selection criteria. To access this video click “Apply now” on the home you are interested in purchasing.

Online application – After confirming you understand our selection criteria, a link will appear to the online application. From here you can save and resume your application at your convenience. The application will take about an hour to complete and asks for a variety of financial documents. A paper application is available upon request.

Underwriting – Once you turn in the full application and the supporting documentation, we send your file to “underwriting” to insure you can afford to buy the home. Once you pass this phase, we invite you to a Homebuyer Interview.