Homeownership Classes

Budget & Savings I

A comprehensive training for creating a budget and savings plan providing tools on how to pay off debt, goal setting, money management, and setting up an emergency savings account. This two-session class provides tools for creating an action plan and goals for savings. The first session of this class will cover a general overview on savings, how to identify essential vs non-essential budget items, and the importance of having an emergency fund. As prospective homeowners, it’s important to have a plan in place for unexpected expenses.

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First Financial Northwest Bank

Budget & Savings II

In the second session of this class, you will evaluate your spending habits and determine how you can make the most of your money as well as create a budget that works for your family. Your budgeting will be done based on zero based budgeting, a method that assigns a purpose to each dollar you receive, whether it be expenses, debt payments, or savings. As prospective homeowners, it’s important to plan for the future rather than living paycheck to paycheck.

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First Financial Northwest Bank

Home Maintenance I

This hands on class offers instruction on how to do minor repairs and maintenance for your home.  You will learn how to patch drywall holes, hang things safely and securely, how to prep and paint interior walls.  How to repair doors and replace doorknobs as well as caulking windows and other important home maintenance techniques.  This is a fun and informative class and is open to anyone 16 and older.  This class is required for those participating in the homeownership and repair programs.

Home Maintenance II

This course covers home safety and maintenance.  It is a comprehensive class that includes the basics of electricity and how to locate power above and below the ground, basic circuits, circuit breakers, GFCI circuits, and electrical hazards in and around the home.  This course also covers basic maintenance for appliances including, dishwashers, ranges, washer and dryer maintenance.  It also covers maintenance for baseboard heaters, ductless heat pumps, furnaces, fans and hot water heaters.  You will learn how to fix minor plumbing including sinks, unclogging drains, and toilet repairs.  Basic home safety like changing out smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fire protection, first aid and home security.

Homeowners Insurance

This class is taught by an experienced insurance agent who provides perspective homeowners information on the importance of homeowners insurance, how to spot a good insurance policy and tailor it to your individual needs.  The course also covers how to shop for an insurance agent and the differences in types of insurance including condo insurance and single family homeowner insurance and more.  This is a fun and interactive class that helps explain the importance of having the right insurance policy for you and your family’s protection.

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Allstate Foundation

The Basics of Homeownership: Credit, Finance, Home Selection, Escrow and Closing by HomeSight

This class is designed for first time homebuyers and includes information on credit, finance, home selection, escrow and closing.  This class is offered through Neighborworks and HomeSight.  There is a $10 registration fee at the time of sign up, which is fully refundable when you attend the class.  Sign up here.

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