HUD Certified Homeownership Counselors

Depending on which Habitat home you intend to purchase, you may be required to attend a WSHFC sponsored HomeBuyer Education seminar and/or meet with a HUD Certified Homeownership Counselor. In some cases, you could be required to attend both. The Habitat Selection Coordinator will tell you what requirements you need to meet.

If the Lender you’re working with does not provide access to HUD certified homeownership counseling please use the list below to contact one of the housing service providers that work on homeownership programs. Most of the counseling services these agencies provide are free. 

They can provide information on credit, budgeting, becoming mortgage ready, savings plans, and default and foreclosure prevention. Many of these agencies are very familiar with affordable homeownership programs around the state and sometimes even offer their own programs to assist with homeownership, rehabilitation and weatherization.

PP* = indicates this agency provides pre-purchase housing counseling BEFORE you buy your home. Services such as: Credit Repair and Budgeting, starting a Savings Plan and Becoming Mortgage Ready. (some also host WSHFC sponsored Home Buyer Education Seminars)

DP** = Indicates this agency provides post-purchase housing counseling AFTER you have purchased your home. Services such as: Default or Foreclosure Prevention, Credit Repair, Budgeting & Rehab Referrals.

These organizations are HUD approved and/or Neighborworks-trained, with experienced housing counselors on staff to assist you with your counseling needs.  Regardless of whether or not you are buying a Habitat home, these sessions are great educational courses designed to help the first time buyer and owner. After completing the seminar you will receive a certificate from the instructor. Please send this certificate to the Habitat Selection Coordinator by emailing them at