How To Apply for Repairs

Step 1 – Review Qualifications

Review to be sure you meet our program qualifications prior to applying.

Step 2 – Fill Out Intake Form

Follow the link below to complete our intake form. Habitat will review your form to confirm you meet the program qualifications.

You can also contact the Habitat Repairs Department at the following:

  • King County Repairs: (206) 895-1320.
  • Kittitas County Repairs: (509) 818-1974.

Step 3 – Fill Out Application

Once we determine eligibility, we will send you an application to fill out. Upon application completion and approval, we will contact you to schedule a site visit.

Step 4 – Site Visit

At the scheduled time, we will visit and evaluate your site to determine what home repairs we can conduct.

Step 5 – Review

After the site visit, we will create a scope of work and estimated project cost for you to review.

Step 6 – Home Repair

We will work on your home repairs with Habitat staff, AmeriCorps, sub-contractors, and community volunteers. Scheduling is based on urgency, weather, funding and the current pipeline of applicants.

Next Steps