Aging In Place

This program serves seniors 62 and over and/or homeowners of any age with disabling conditions such as mobility issues or sensory impairments. The program includes a complete home assessment, with recommendations of minor repairs to make the home safer to get around in. The assessment tool evaluates how the home supports the lifestyle of the owner (and occupants) and identifies improvements to make the home safer and more comfortable. Habitat for Humanity also partners with other agencies so homeowners can get connected with comprehensive help, such as healthcare, transportation, meals, and companionship.

These improvement projects may be combined with Critical Home Repairs (larger scale) and/or Home Preservation (spiff up your home and help the neighborhood too!) or be completed independently.

Examples of eligible projects:

  • Entry hardware improvements (locks, bolts, door handles, doorbell)
  • Entry access improvements (non-slip flooring, low threshold, lighting)
  • Handrails and grab bars (exterior and interior)
  • Task lighting – kitchen, bathroom, favorite chair
  • Accessibility – bedroom to bathroom, and elsewhere
  • Point of use storage, de-cluttering and space organization

Aging in Place Program Qualifications and Requirements

  1. Applicants must be age 62 or over or qualify as physically or mentally disabled.
  2. Applicants must own and occupy the home for a minimum of one year, and provide proof of income for all household members. Income must not exceed 80% of the AMI.
  3. Proof of current homeowner’s insurance.
  4. Homeowners are required to give back 2 hours of volunteer time to support the mission. This will be determined based on your interest and limitations. Accommodations will be made for those with physical impairments or limited ability.
  5. Homeowners will pay a $50 one-time fee after approval and upon signing the agreement contract.