How to Apply for Homeownership

Step 1 – Review Requirement

Review to be sure you understand our program requirements

Step 2 – Register for Mailing List

Register for the mailing list by clicking the button below and filling out the form. This allows us to notify you when we have homeownership opportunities available.

Step 3 – Select Home to Purchase

Choose from a variety of homes we have around King and Kittitas County. Check out the descriptions and features of the home to see if it is the right home for you.

Step 4 – Online Application

Fill out and submit the application found on the specific homes page. Be sure to attach all required documents. You will receive an email confirmation from our staff within 48 business hours stating we received your application. If you have difficulty with this you may email or fax documents to our Selection Coordinator:

  • Email:
  • Fax: 206-452-7697

Step 5 – Selection Process

Once we receive an application along with all supporting documents they are reviewed for basic eligibility.

  • New Construction – Applications are scored based on our selection criteria: Need, Ability to pay, and Willingness to partner. The selection Committee, which is made up of volunteers, will conduct interviews to determine need and willingness.
  • Resales – Are selected on a first-come-first-serve basis. The first complete application we receive that fulfills all specified criteria for the home is selected.

Step 6 – Homebuyer Interview

Is given by 2-3 Habitat staff or volunteers. We do interviews to make sure applicants understand the process of being a Habitat homebuyer and to assess need and willingness to partner. This is also a great opportunity for applicants to ask any questions related to our program.

Step 7 – Pre-Qualified Financing

Once you are selected, you will receive a Lender Letter from one of our staff. This letter will have the details of your loan including your estimated monthly payment and down payment. Once you receive this letter your will need to apply for a mortgage from one of our approved lenders.

Step 8 – Final Approval

Once we have all the paperwork we requested, including the pre-approval letter we will submit your file to our Senior Leadership Team for final approval. Once we’ve got their stamp of approval, you will be notified by Habitat Staff and we will schedule your orientation.