Lake City II Applications

Thank you for your interest in our Lake City development. These homes will be selected by pool selection and applications are due on April 15th. Before you apply please make sure you have done the following steps:

1. Reviewed our selection criteria and make sure you qualify

2. Get a preapproval letter, a requirement of the program. For a Lake City unit you need a preapproval that is greater then or equal to $285,000. Be sure to give your lender the “Lake City Lender Letter.”

3. Watch our Homeownership video if you have not already.

4. Fill out and upload the below documents to the application.

  • Pre-Approval Letter from an approved lender
  • Identification documents on all household members; one photo ID (Driver’s License/Passport/Residency Card) or two forms of supplemental ID (such as a birth certificate or social security card) for all household members.
  • Proof of Applicant’s US citizenship/residency
  • 2 months’ most recent pay stubs for all household members
  • Copies of completed and signed tax returns for the last two years with W-2’s and/or 1099’s for all household members
  • Certified Copies of current year to date profit and loss statement or current year-to-date receivables receipts. (If self-employed)
  • Current 3 months’ bank statements for all household members
  • Current Award letters for SSI, Social Security, SSDI, TANF, or other public assistance.
  • Child support (OPTIONAL) or alimony payment records
  • Divorce decree/legal separation/child support documents (if applicable)
  • Proof of assets (401k, stocks, bonds, IRA) for all household members

Do not submit your application unless you have all the above needed documents. You can save and return to your application at any time.