Lake City Phase I – Seattle, WA

Located in the Lake City neighborhood of Seattle, low-income homeowners living at Habitat 35th will enjoy a reasonable commute to many job centers, excellent schools, shops and services within walking distance, and an active and caring community. These townhomes will be eco-friendly with healthy indoor environments, built to evergreen Sustainable Development Standards. This project has been split into 2 phases. Buyers for Phase I have been selected and the families are currently working their sweat equity hours as they help build their homes. We’re currently scheduled to complete and sell the homes at the end of 2020. Lake City Phase II will be selected for early Spring of 2021.

In an area with an average home price over $680,000 and rising, these homes will ensure that low-income individuals and families continue to have a place to build lives in Seattle.

Unit Mix

8 Townhomes, R-2 Multifamily

4 bedrooms, 2.5 bath

Unit area: 1430 sq. ft. Garage: 323 sq. ft.

Permanently affordable

Resident Profile

8 Families, 33 total residents

30-60% AMI

Willing to partner & complete sweat equity

Residing/employed in King County 1+ years