Path to Home Referral Program

Our Path to Home Referral Program is for Lenders and Real Estate Agents who are interested in having a resource to provide to their clients who don’t qualify for a home on the open market. No one likes to turn away interested homebuyers empty handed, and we are a resource that they can provide to their clients.

How does it work?

When a lender/agent has a client who doesn’t qualify for a home on the open market and appears to meet our program qualifications, they can refer them to Habitat using a unique referral code. Using a referral partner’s code will give applicants a boost in their application. We guarantee our homeowners will build equity on their Habitat home regardless of market trends, on average receiving ~$30k after 5 years and ~$70k after 10 years. As our homeowners increase their wealth through home equity and personal savings, they will be better positioned to buy a home on the open market in the future.

How does it benefit the lender/agent?

The lender/agent builds trust. The lender/agent demonstrates commitment to their client’s best interests by providing them an alternate resource through Habitat for Humanity when they don’t meet open market qualifications. In addition, potential open market homebuyers may be more inclined to choose a real estate agent who serves the community.

The lender/agent grows their reach. Habitat will place the lender/agent’s information on our website as one of our partners. In addition, Habitat homeowners may come back to the lender/agent when they are ready to move to the open market and refer the lender/agent to friends and family.

The lender/agent gains personal fulfillment. Habitat transforms lives through affordable homeownership. Be a part of a great cause!

How can a lender/agent get involved?

Email to learn more about being part of the Path to Home Referral Program.

Current Path to Home Partners

Leanne Truong

Home Loan Specialist (Churchill Mortgage)

(206) 931-3827

Yusef Nadir

Real Estate Broker/Realtor (Re/Max)

(206) 407-4189