Sweat Equity

What is Sweat Equity?

Sweat Equity refers to new homeowners investing work into their own homes or Habitat’s affordable homeownership program in general. It is an opportunity for families to play an active part in making their homeownership dreams a reality, and gain skills and knowledge that set them up for long-term success as a homeowner.

Hours are completed by working on the construction sites, in the Habitat stores, through Homeowner education classes, volunteering in the community, or by working in our office. We will accommodate individuals who are not physically able to work on the construction site on a case by case basis.

Sweat Equity Requirements

King County:

Total Sweat Equity Hours Needed150 *minimum* per applicant
Mandatory Construction Hours75 *minimum* per applicant
Non-Construction Hours75 *maximum* per applicant
Monthly Hour Requirement14 *minimum* per applicant
*In some cases, more hours are required based on the project’s funding source

Kittitas County:

Homebuyers are required to contribute 20 Sweat Equity hours each week during the construction of the home, 10 hours of which can be donated.


If you have questions about Sweat Equity, please email apply@habitatskc.org or call 206-866-7614.